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Navigation APIM for Sync 3



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- Upgrades to navigation for vehicles that were equipped with factory sync 3.

- Free pre-programming for factory sync 3 equipped vehicles.

- Generation 1/2, 3 or 4 available.

- 1 year warranty

Please contact me before ordering if you upgraded from 4” or Sync 2 and just want navigation or are just looking for a programmed APIM for your conversion.

Disclaimers: Do this at your own risk. I, Sam Reeves am not responsible for any damage you do to your car. Even though this is an extremely low risk swap, take precautions to avoid damaging your vehicle. Sync 3 unique parts have a 90 day warranty. All other parts are 24 months warranty. No returns. Orders can be cancelled and receive full refund before shipment.

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1/2 Gen, Gen 3, Gen 4

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