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Sync 3 to Sync 4 HD Screen Upgrade

Sync 3 to Sync 4 HD Screen Upgrade

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This includes the parts required to update your display to the Sync 4 HD screen. This works with all sync 3 conversions with 2020 APIM firmware that has the newer screen drivers. This WILL NOT work on older APIMs or those that have not had the firmware updated. Please message us with your APIM part number if you want us to check if it will work.

Included in kit:

-Genuine Ford Sync 4 HD screen either new or in like new condition with no scratches or blemishes on the display area.

-Screen bracket to properly fit your vehicle.

-LVDS cable to connect new screen to your APIM.

-NO APIM Included in this kit. Reuse your existing APIM. If purchasing one of our upgrade kits we offer an upgrade to the HD screen on the proper product page. You will also reuse your existing Sync 3 brackets.

1 year parts only warranty. 

Returns allowed with 15% restocking fee. If we check that your APIM works and it does not for some reason no restocking fee applied on the return and return label provided.

*2 week lead time*

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