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2021+ Bronco Digital Cluster Plug n' Play Kit

2021+ Bronco Digital Cluster Plug n' Play Kit

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Remote Programming of GOAT Modes?

This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your Bronco’s Gauge cluster to the Full Digital Display out of the Bronco Raptor. This Plug ’n Play kit utilizes all-new OEM Ford parts that come preprogrammed for a seamless installation on ANY 2021+ Ford Bronco! These parts are backed by a 2 Year warranty for added peace of mind that your investment will last. This kit includes a new gauge cluster and bezel for a clean, factory finish making this an ideal OEM+ Upgrade! Each cluster is custom programmed perfectly to your vehicles options. This cluster will have Bronco Raptor Startup and Shutdown animations as well as a Raptor menu within the clusters menu system. It will retain most of your factory features, please see notes below for exclusions.


-GOAT Modes support with this cluster are the 6 modes supported on the Bronco Raptor






-Rock crawl

If your Bronco is not optioned with these modes they will still appear, however they will not engage when selected. We do have the ability to remotely add GOAT modes to your Bronco with our remote programming service to perfectly sync them up with your Digital Dash. This service will add/remove modes that do not exist on the Raptor Cluster, or you can pick exactly which modes you want.

-Eco and Mud/Ruts mode are not supported on the Bronco Raptor, therefore it will not display on this cluster. When using the dial these modes will simply display as Normal Mode, however they will still engage properly and operate as they should. Alternatively these modes can be disabled if you’d like for more seamless cluster operation using our remote programming service.

-Since this is a Brand New product and there are countless Bronco configurations, there may be minor programming glitches at first as we work out the details. Because of the wide variety of Bronco configurations there may be some slight programming variations our test vehicles did not have, for this reason we will include an OBD adapter until all configurations are verified. The OBD Adapter is not required to be used unless a programming issue is identified or additional options are desired. If you do happen to experience an issue, please reach out to and we will walk you through the steps to get the issue rectified.

-Lead Times: Since this is a brand new product, we are unsure of what lead times will be for your kit. The first batch should ship in 2 weeks or less, but lead times may vary depending on supply & demand. We are supplying brand new parts directly from Ford, and as order volume increases this can cause delays. We will make every effort to get these kits out as quickly as possible and keep customers notified about any potential delays.

-Core Refund: Core refunds are available if you wish to return your OEM cluster. This is 100% optional, so you can retain your OEM cluster if you wish. Each kit will include a pre-paid return label to send your OEM cluster back. We will issue a $250 refund within 30 days of us receiving the core. We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time and your core may be returned to you with no refund in the unlikely event that ford stops accepting non-digital core returns.

-This is a non-returnable, non-refundable product. Full refunds will only be offered within 24 hours of ordering, after that a $150 restocking fee will be applied to all cancellations prior to shipping. Once shipped no returns or refunds will be offered. We do guarantee this product to work as advertised and have a 2 year warranty on parts.

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