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Misc Sync 3 Upgrade Parts

Misc Sync 3 Upgrade Parts

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Select the replacement or upgrade parts you need for your Sync 3 conversion here.

All parts are genuine OEM Ford unless specified and include a 2 year parts warranty. Aftermarket parts include a 1 year parts warranty.

If you have any questions about what you need or would like a custom quote setup please contact us today!

Sold here:

  • USB Hubs
  • USB Cables
  • GPS Antenna (aftermarket)
  • Bezels
  • Power Adapters (made in house)

Please view the chart for which power adapter is needed for your swap.

For Mustang bezel orders the recaro version has no heated/cooled seat buttons. The standard version does. Those buttons simply will exist but will not have any function if upgrading from 4" to 8".

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