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Sync 3 APIM

Sync 3 APIM

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Doing an upgrade to Sync 3, adding navigation to your Sync 3 equipped vehicle, or do you need a replacement APIM because yours went bad?

We sell all generations of APIM in both Navigation and Non-Nav Variants. We include FREE programming for factory equipped Sync 3 Vehicle replacements as well as reasonable programming fees for upgrade kits. Please note if doing a conversion this is ONLY the APIM and includes no other parts required for the conversion.

Please note your generation required for various year vehicles:

2017 and older - Gen 1/2

2018 and select 2019 - Gen 3

2019 and newer - Gen 4

Newer generation APIMs will work for older vehicles, but older generation APIMs may have issues on newer vehicles. Newer generation have newer hardware that is generally considered by the community to be more reliable. Please inquire if you have a question about which generation is correct for your vehicle.

These OEM genuine Ford APIMs are all refurbished by us and are in top working order when they leave our facility. They include a 1 year parts warranty. We do not sell any kind of clone or aftermarket unit. These are 100% genuine Ford factory APIMs.

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